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Light Novel.


Lina Inverse attacks a den of bandits and runs off with their loot. While the pursuit is hot, she runs into tall, blond, and seemingly dense swordsman, Gourry Gabriev, who acts as her guide, whisking her off to the city of Atlas. When they stop at a nearby inn, they're attacked by Zolf and some trolls, who Lina drives out. That night, Zolf returns with Zelgadis, who asks Lina to sell the items she stole from the bandits. She, of course, rejects the offer. On the next night, the two are attacked again, this time by Rodimus and some other trolls. Soon after Lina and Gourry slip on their battle-wear, Rezo the Red Priest, tells them that Zelgadis intends to resurrect the dark lord Shabranigudo. Rezo offers to keep both Lina and Gourry safe should they give him the stolen treasure, which unbeknownst to them, includes a orihalcon statue housing the Philospher's stone - a potential cure for Rezo's blindlness. Lina, once again, rejects the offer. The following day, as forewarned, Zelgadis attacks and captures Lina, who had the foresight to give the loot to Gourry, who ends up escaping. Unable to find the treasure, Zelgadis decides to use Lina to his advantage, rather than kill her. Just as he is releasing her, Rezo walks in; Lina makes the connection that Rezo and Zelgadis are in cahoots. Zelgadis, a victim of the wrath of Rezo, decides to team up with Lina, revealing to her the truth about his past. Rezo, in search of the Stone, sends trolls, berserkers, and weremantises after the duo. The Red Priest, captures Lina, demanding the Stone in exchange for her life. Gourry hands over the Stone, which Rezo then swallows. When Rezo's eyes open, they are not human eyes, but rather red holes - the beginning of his transformation into the dark lord, Ruby Eye Shabranigudo, who later killed by Lina's spell, Giga Slave. Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadis travel together a few days, before they arrive at the City of Atlas, where Zelgadis departs and follows his own course. Lina decides to travel with Gourry until he hands over the coveted Sword of Light.


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Hajime Kanzaka (Script), Rui Araizumi (Drawing)

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