We are moved by passion

What is Whakoom?

Whakoom is a team of people who are passionate about comics and technology, who decided to create an app that helps comic readers organize their collections. We want to revolutionize the world of comics and encourage its reading.

How was Whakoom born?

A brief history

Many years ago…

In 2002

It all started when Sergio left his native Madrid to live in Barcelona. He missed going to his friends' houses and gossip about their weekly comic buys, as well as being able to recommend the comics that he was reading. That is why he began to develop his own app that allowed him to keep this experience alive.

The project

In 2013

Without a lot of money, but with plenty of enthusiasm, Sergio, Silvia and Enrique decided to turn this idea into reality and launch Whakoom, creating a collaborative app that now has more than 100,000 users who have added more than a million comics.

And what name do we give it?

Why Whakoom?

There a lot of great sound effects, but Whakoom is the one used by The Hulk when he hits with both hands to create a sonic boom, and we want to hit hard! It was also one of the few onomatopoeia domain names that weren't already grabbed, so there's that. :)

Who is behind Whakoom?

We are a small but excited team. We are passionate about comics and the digital medium. We tend to leave late rather than arriving early. More sneakers than dress shoes. More cool t-shirts than button-down shirts. Cthulhu lives in our office. We feel lucky to love what we do and we always have a good time developing our product, because we know that this love shows up in the quality of our work.

Introducing ourselves

  • Sergio Manzanera CEO and Computer Engineering, makes everything work as it should.
  • Silvia FerrandoUX & Art Direction, responsible for everything being beautiful and easy to use.
  • Xan PitaManages the content together with two beasts: Lúa, his dog, and Ripley, his cat, who behave better than he does.
  • Óscar MartínWrites, test, and debugs the code to maintain the app and well as to develop new features.
  • Daniel ParedesHis passion for Apps has led him to ensure that you have Whakoom at your fingertips.


Here you can find our logo and some images to spread the news and show off our brand :) If you need more information, shoot an email off at hello@whakoom.com

Let's go!